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Manhole Rehabilitation: Is Corrosion Really Caused by H2S?
Tech Tips by NASSCO
By NASSCO member Craig Gaul, President, Parson Environmental Products, Inc.
August 2015

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is extremely dangerous to people, and can cause significant damage to pipes and manholes. Yet few people understand how it works in our pipelines.

Our industry often (incorrectly) refers to the deterioration of sewer pipe, manholes and lift stations as “a gas problem” when the real culprit of concrete deterioration is microbial-induced corrosion, or MIC. It is a process whereby... Read More of this article

Find out how ConBlock MIC stops Growth of MIC


Everyone at Parson would like to welcome Sani-Way, Inc, Edmundston Canada to our ever-growing family of Approved Applicators. They received on-site training from our highly experienced Tech Support team and are now ready to PARSONIZE their next manhole rehabilitation project. Give us a call to find out how easy it is for your company can to PARSONIZE.


We continue to be written into Manhole Rehab Specifications throughout the US and beyond. In addition, our professional sales team has had no problems in getting our products accepted as an “approved equal” to others that have been named. Because of our complete line of manhole rehabilitation products, we have a match for just about any other product in the industry.

Recently, our flexible manhole chimney sealant, Parsonpoxy FP, was heavily scrutinized by a Consulting Engineer because they had specified a particular product on numerous projects over the past few years. We provided the Engineer with all of the information requested along with a lengthy list of customer references. Upon doing his due diligence, Parsonpoxy FP was ultimately chosen for use on their current project.

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